Battle of the Bulge: Kampfgruppe Peiper DVD

Battle of the Bulge: Kampfgruppe Peiper DVD

Battle of the Bulge: Kampfgruppe Peiper DVD
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December 1944, in poor winter weather, anger boiled over into atrocity and the murder of US soldiers at Malmendy and elsewhere along the route Hitler was trying to send his elite SS troops in the Leibstandarte Panzer Division. Experienced soldiers, historians, and film makers analyze events on the very ground where they happened, stripping away legend and obfuscation of all kinds to present the facts on which viewers can make their own decision. Eventually German forward progress was halted at La Glieze, where they fought a defensive battle until forced to break out on foot, abandoning their tanks. This documentary brings this controversial subject to life by covering both the German and US perspectives with a frankness that is underpinned by a detailed knowledge and understanding of the battle and its place in the campaign. United Kingdom, 2014, B&W/Color, 100 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 1 encoding (US and Canada Only)

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