Hitler's Children DVD

Hitler's Children DVD

Hitler's Children DVD
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Product Description

Tim Holt and Bonita Granville expose the Nazi corruption of German youth in this wartime shocker, based on Gregor Ziemerís best-selling book. During the Memorial Day celebrations at the American Colony School run by Professor Nichols (Kent Smith), U.S. citizen and teacher Anna Muller (Granville) is arrested by the Gestapo. Finding her in a labor camp, Nichols turns to Annaís childhood boyfriend, SS Lieutenant Karl Bruner (Holt), who warns the professor not to interfere. Sentenced to be sterilized for refusing to bear children for the FŁhrer, Anna escapes from the camp, and Karl is forced to decide whether to help his old friend or carry out the dictates of Hitler. One of the highest-grossing films in RKO history. Directed by Edward Dmytryk.

USA, 1943, B&W, 82 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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