The Dinah Shore: Chevy Show - 2 DVD Set

The Dinah Shore: Chevy Show - 2 DVD Set

The Dinah Shore: Chevy Show - 2 DVD Set
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Product Description

Everyone loved "Dinah". Dinah Shore, the first woman to host her own variety show on television, started her career in radio where she became a popular recording star. She later had success in feature films, and won an Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Musical or Variety Series in 1959. The Dinah Shore Chevy show became famous for its theme song, "see THE USA in your Chevrolet". Dinah sang this song at the end of each episode, always accompanying it with a sweeping smooch to the audience. This helped make the low-priced Chevrolet the most widely-selling car in America. This two DVD set features original episodes of the classic show guest starring TV favorites such as: Joey Bishop, George Burns, Carl Reiner, Carol Burnett, Edie Adams, Audrey Meadows and Craig Stevens. Musical performances by: Van Johnson, Ray Bolger, Vera Ellen and Gordon and Sheila MacRae.

USA, 2007, B&W, 8 hours. 2 DVD Set.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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