Vietnam: US Government Collection - 4 DVD Set

Vietnam: US Government Collection - 4 DVD Set

Vietnam: US Government Collection - 4 DVD Set
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Product Description

A collector’s dream of over 33 Vietnam Films from US Government Archives: includes a speech by President Lyndon Johnson plus a documentary featuring John Wayne in an effort to unite Americans in the war effort. Also included: original footage of Marine landings, air operations, artillery-gun fire, and humanitarian roles by the U.S. Military.


Disc 1:
A Nation Builds Under Fire - Narrator: John Wayne; To Save a Soldier; War and Advice - Guest Speaker: Gen Westmoreland; The Ninth Infantry Division; Contact; A Day in Vietnam - Narrator: Jack Webb; Screaming Eagles in Vietnam, (1965,1966) -Narrator Robert MItchum; River Patrol-Mekong Delta, (1967).

Disc 2: Vietnam! Vietnam! - Produced by John Ford, Narrator, Charlton Heston; Vietnam: The Debate; The Airmobile Division; Hall of Heroes - Narrator: Raymond Burr; Know your Enemy - The VC, (1967) - Narrator: Raymond Burr; Progress to Peace; American Navy in Vietnam; The Unique War - Narrator: Glenn Ford; US Air Force in Vietnam, (1964).

Disc 3: Hidden War in Vietnam, (1961); Why Vietnam?, (1965); Night of the Dragon, (1965); - Narrator: Charlton Heston; Vietnam Crucible, (1967); Battle of Khe Sanh; 1ST Infantry Division; The Gentle Hand; 82nd Airborne Division; Full Blade; Another Day of War.

Disc 4: Marines, (1965)-Narrator; Pres. LB Johnson; POW, (1964); A Few Good Men - Narrator: Jack Webb; Ready to Strike; The Sparrow Hawks, (1968); The Battle, (1965); Sand and Steel, (1967); Combat and Support Activities, (1968); No Substitute for Victory - Narrator: John Wayne.

USA, 1965-68, COLOR/B&W, 810 Minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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