Zulu Dawn DVD (Burt Lancaster, 1979)

Zulu Dawn DVD (Burt Lancaster, 1979)

Zulu Dawn DVD (Burt Lancaster, 1979)
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Product Description

In January 1879, arrogant officials of the British colony of Natal, Africa issued a list of unauthorized ultimatums to the Zulu Nation. When the Zulu King refused their demands, the Empire declared war. And in a series of grave tactical blunders, a garrison of 1,500 British soldiers faced an army of 25,000 enraged Zulu warriors in the most horrifying disaster in British military history. Directed by Douglas Hickox. Starring Burt Lancaster, Peter O’Toole, Denholm Elliot and Bob Hoskins.

USA, 1979, Color, 113 min.

This is the Prequel to: Zulu

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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