Big Picture Series: Korean War 7 Volume Set (7 DVD Set) Special Savings Offer

Big Picture Series: Korean War 7 Volume Set (7 DVD Set) Special Savings Offer

Big Picture Series: Korean War 7 Volume Set (7 DVD Set) Special Savings Offer
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Buy all 7 Volumes of the Big Picture Series: Korean War and SAVE! (806 min - over 13 hours!)

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 1 DVD

Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

THE FIRST FORTY DAYS IN KOREA (June 1950): In this THE BIG PICTURE documentary film we watch as several company's of the 24th Division fight the Communist Chinese against great odds. They are fighting the first thrurst across the 38th Parallel in Korea.

TURNING THE TIDE (Aug. 1950): This film describes events in Korea from August 10 to September 20, 1950. We see how American troops fought to hold on to the Pusan perimeter, the air support they received from carriers, and the march on Seoul. It also includes a report from Lieutenant Tom Dreisenstock, Platoon Leader of the 24th Infantry Division.

UNITED NATIONS OFFENSIVE (Sep. 1950): From September 20 to October 20, 1950 United Nations forces struck hard against the Communist army in Korea. Footage shows the recapture of Seoul, the fall of the North Korean capital city, Pyongyang, an airdrop by the 187th Regimental Airdrop team, and the U.S. Navy battleship Missouri in action.

CHINESE REDS ENTER THE KOREAN WAR (Oct. 1950): In this THE BIG PICTURE we see American soldiers battling winter cold, as well as the Communist Chinese, in Korea. The film shows how soldiers saved thousands of lives with quick evacuations of wounded U.S. fighters in helicopters. Also included is a display of the finest weapons in the world -- the U.S. Army's.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT. 115 minutes)

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 2 DVD

Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

U.N. FORCES ESCAPE THE CHINESE TRAP (Nov.-Dec., 1950): This film includes the Army's 7th Division at the Manchurian border. Men of the 7th enjoy a hot Thanksgiving Day dinner on the banks of the Yalu River. The evacuation of the Hungnam beachhead. Captain Zimmerman interviews Sergeant Charles W. Dumas of Providence, Rhode Island. Sergeant Dumas was a combat correspondent with the 7th Division and was with the 7th Division at the Yalu River. Dumas wears the Korean Service medal, the Army Commendation Ribbon, and the Bronze Star.

U.N. CONSOLIDATES BELOW 38TH PARALLEL (Dec. 1950): UN forces retreat below the 38th parallel, destruction of forts, airstrikes against the enemy and strengthening of the battle lines.

U.N. FORCES PUSH THE CHINESE BACK (Jan-Feb 1951): Includes: Recapture of Suwon. The 25th Infantry Division's advance of Seoul. Attack on Hill 584. Captain Zimmerman interviews Lieutenant William Travis from New Jersey. Lieutenant Travis was with the Army's 1st Cavalry Division and for a time served with the Air Force as a Liaison Officer, spotting targets for the Air Force.

UNITED NATIONS OFFENSIVE CONTINUES (Feb.-March, 1951): In spite of spring and rain our ground forces continue to push back the Chinese all along the Eighth Army's front. The 25th Infantry Division crosses the Han River and U.N. forces reach the 38th Parallel.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT 116 minutes)

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 3 DVD

Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

U.N. FORCES CROSS THE 38TH PARALLEL (March 1951): Includes: The landing of our paratroopers near Munsan. The crossing of the Imjin River by Republic of Korean troops. The "one-two punch" of the 8th Army, the tank-infantry team crosses the 38th Parallel. A brief report on the activation of SHAPE in Paris with a few words from the former General of the Army, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

REDS LAUNCH SPRING OFFENSIVE (Apr-May 1951): Includes: Establishing the Lincoln Line; The need for blood in Korea; A powerful air-ground assault against the Reds. The Army Medical Corps is represented on this program with interviews with Nurse Captain Molly Younger, who served with a front line surgical team in Korea, and Sergeant Preputnick, who was an aid man with a rifle company in Korea.

U.N. FORCES COUNTERATTACK (May-June, 1951): Our allied units throw a powerful counterattack against the Reds infantry tanks, artillery, and air all combine to throw the Reds back to the North. The Navy blasts the enemy with rockets. Captain Zimmerman interviews Chaplain Joseph Murphy of Boston, Massachusetts, and Captain John Rock, former company commander with the 1st Cavalry Division in Korea. Chaplain Murphy, whose jeep was labelled "Life with Father" pays tribute to the spirit of the men of the Infantry.

KOREAN CEASE FIRE TALKS BEGIN (June-July, 1951): Includes: Scenes from the United Nations session in New York. Our negotiators at Kaesong. This program includes a tribute to the men of the Infantry from an Army officer who served with them as a platoon leader, Lieutenant Robert Fallon of Washington, D.C. Lieutenant Fallon points out the difficult but very important job of the man carrying the rifle in combat.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT. 115 minutes)

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 4 DVD

Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

U.N. LINE IS STABILIZED (July-Aug., 1951): Includes: Our patrols in probing actions, The attack on Hill 1179, The return of Seoul refugees, and more of the ceasefire negotiations. Two combat cameramen tell a dramatic story of filming our troops for the newsreels and for "The Big Picture." Most of their films were made under fire, going into action with our soldiers.

THIRD KOREAN WINTER (Winter 1952-53): This issue of THE BIG PICTURE depicts the many aspects of our soldiers' daily living in the Korean war zone during the winter period 1952-53. Included are: Scenes of an American patrol leaving and returning to its unit, religious services at the front, and the heroic efforts of our combat medics and front line soldiers receiving hot rations from mess units located close to the front.

KOREAN WIND-UP: The true reaction of the battle-torn Gis to the Korean truce has been well pictured by the cameras of THE BIG PICTURE. Many prisoners of war give their feelings about the truce and recall the war situation at the time they were captured. KOREAN WIND-UP is a capsule chronology of the Korean War.

THE REBIRTH OF SEOUL: Our cameras focus on Seoul, the Capital of the Republic of Korea. It is the story of a city twice the parade ground of Communist troops, four times a battlefield. "Rebirth of Seoul" is also the story of man's enduring will to triumph in the face of the greatest adversity. With other free members of the United Nations, the United States met the Communist attack in Korea with bravery and sacrifice. Today, Americans, individually and through our government, are responding to the needs of the people of South Korea with generosity and compassion.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, 114 minutes)

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 5 DVD

Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

A DAY IN KOREA: Comparison of the life of the individual in the states to the soldier on the front lines of Korea. Despite the truce talks fighting is still going on and we still have a serious need for men and machines. The contrast between their life and the life of the soldier should bring the picture closer.

THE ARMY COMBAT TEAM: THE BIG PICTURE shows you what happens in one day of war. Excerpting a communique from the daily newspaper we show the fighting that lies behind the brief report of such a communique. THE ARMY COMBAT TEAM, which has proved itself in the Korean fighting, is shown in action. Infantry, Artillery Armor and Army Aviation form a powerful offensive and defensive team of the 8th Army in Korea. Again, it's the fire-power of this team against the manpower of the Communists. THE BIG PICTURE focuses on the man and the machines of this team in the rugged terrain of the Korean peninsula.

CIVIL ASSISTANCE, KOREA: We approach this from the beginning in Korea when we had to control the civilian population; rehabilitation for tactical reasons. This is a very human, moving story and again points out our respect and concern for the individual.

THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA SOLDIER: Through the Korean Military Advisory Group, the South Korean Army has been able to build itself up to the fourth strongest Army in the world. "The Big Picture" shows the activities of the South Korean Army and its preparations for the future.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT 115 minutes)

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 6 DVD

Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

FIRE POWER - ARTILLARY: In this issue BIG PICTURE viewers will receive a firsthand account of how American artillery is employed in Korea. The film shows how American artillerymen fire ten shells for every one the Communists launch at our troops. Included in the film is a study of the Army's new atomic cannon....the 280mm gun.

THE ARMY MEDICAL CORPS: Graphically shown here is the treatment given our wounded in battle. We see the care a man receives from medics all along the line; from the time the wounded soldier calls "Medic" until he is released for duty. The Medical Corps is saving more lives than in any other time of combat. Lieutenant Colonel S. J. Newsom of San Diego, California, a former Division Surgeon with the Army's 7th Division in Korea, now stationed at Camp Pickett, Virginia, tells the story in an interview with Captain Zimmerman.

THE SECOND INFANTRY DIVISION IN KOREA: Here is an exciting film documentary of the famous "Indianheads," the men of the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division and the vital role they played in Korea. Although the fighting in Korea is over, the deeds of the 2nd Infantry Division will long be remembered. Out of the struggle in Korea have come many accounts of great suffering and even greater heroism, but few of them can match the story as told in this BIG PICTURE program. Through careful editing and with emphasis on "close-ups" of the men themselves, this outstanding documentary seems to tell the personal story of the soldiers of the Indianhead Division who lived up to their proud motto -- "Second to None."

7TH INFANTRY IN KOREA: At the end of World War 2 the 7th accepted Japanese surrender in Korea. In 1950 they return to the new war.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT 115 minutes)

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 7 DVD

Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

TRUTH IS OUR DEFENSE: This is the story of the Army's Psychological Warfare activities in the Far East Command, primarily as a tactical weapon in Korea. We augment the effectiveness of our combat forces with the potent weapon of words. Through leaflets, shot by artillery shells or dropped from planes; through radio news and dramatic programs from the U.N. radio in Tokyo and the mobile radio stations in Korea; and through loudspeakers mounted on tanks and jeeps, we send our messages of truth to the enemy.

THE ARMY CHAPLAINS: We review the heroic and inspiring work of the Army Chaplain, especially the Chaplains who have served so gallantly with our fighting troops. The soldier looks to this clergyman in uniform as a friend and counselor, as well as a spiritual leader. To augment the story in film, Chaplain Edward Martin, Yonkers, New York, First Army Chaplain at Governor's Island, New York, tells of his and the Army's pride in the Chaplains work in Korea and throughout the world wherever our soldiers are stationed. He explains the Character Guidance program in which the Army places such great importance. Chaplain Martin has a special message for parents of men and women in the Army.

ARMY TRANSPORT CORPS: The story behind moving men and supplies in Korea.

ATROCITIES IN KOREA: A documented report of Communist atrocities in Korea, with scenes just released depicting the horror and brutality of Communism. Includes interviews with returned prisoners of war who were eye witnesses to some of these atrocities and Major General William Dean and General Mark W. Clark.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT 117 minutes)

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