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Zoberlein 2 DVD Set -

Zoberlein 2 DVD Set

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SHOCK TROOP 1917 DVD: This enormous box-office success was funded by the German government and used regular Wehrmacht troops and members of the SA. Banned in Germany since the end of the Nazi era, prints in circulation since then have diluted the film’s impact from pathos and painstaking realism, removing possibly inflammatory footage. 21 minutes of missing footage are restored. Directed by Hans Zöberlein, Franz Adam, Marian Kolb, and L. Schmid-Wildy. Starring Ludwig Schmid-Wildy, Beppo Brem, Max Zankl, Hans Possenbacher. Germany, 1934, 107 minutes, German dialogue, English subtitles.

FOR THE RIGHTS OF MANKIND DVD: Armistice: November 11, 1918. World War 1 ends, but there is no peace in Germany. Proletarian revolution erupts in Munich, and unemployed frontline soldiers volunteer as paramilitary Freikorps (Free Corps) mercenaries to save the Fatherland from the Soviet-backed Red menace. Hans Zöberlein’s Um das Menschenrecht (For the Rights of Mankind) reignites this fiercely turbulent era. Zöberlein was a right-wing fanatic, a decorated World War 1 veteran, a Freikorps member, an early Nazi Party member, and an SA stormtrooper who had participated in Adolf Hitler’s 1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch. His first film, Stosstrupp 1917 (Shock Troop 1917, see left column) is one of the great World War 1 pictures, and Um das Menschenrecht, a direct sequel to it, is one of the most energetic of the Nazi propaganda films. Its superb Munich battle scenes are well staged—street by street, building by building—for Zöberlein had cast many actual Munich war veterans for these sequences. Following its December 28, 1934 premiere, the film was shortened for general release. The present IHF release contains the deleted footage, restoring Um das Menschenrecht to its original length. Directed by Hans Zöberlein. Starring Hans Schlenck, Kurt Holm, Ernst Martens, Beppo Brem. Germany, 1934. B/W, 118 minutes. German dialogue, English subtitles.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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Zoberlein 2 DVD Set

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