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Soviet Documentary Films DVDs

Soviet Military DVDs

The Battle Of Stalingrad (WWII) DVD
The Fall Of Berlin 1945 DVD
Our Russian Front DVD
Russians At War DVD
Red Army Victory Parade in Red Square June, 1945 (DVD)
70th Anniversary Red Army Parade-1987 DVD
The Soviet Army DVD
Soviet Armed Forces (I Serve the Soviet Union) DVD
The Battle of Orel (Kursk) Restored WW2 Soviet Documentary DVD
Defeat of the German Forces Near Moscow: The Restored Soviet WW2 Documentary DVD
Rise of the Soviet Navy DVD (Soviet Sea Power) Richard Basehart
Tushino Air Shows 1935/55 DVD
Battle For Sevastopol DVD
Mannerheim Line (Russian Winter War) DVD
Soviet Space/Aviation DVDs

Moon Buggy DVD (Soviet Lunokhod I Space Rover)
Soyuz/Apollo Link-Up DVD
A Cruise To The Stars DVD
Marina Popovich DVD
Takeoff: Tupolev TU-144 Supersonic Transport DVD
Tushino Air Shows 1935/55 DVD
Soviet Propaganda DVDs

Our March DVD
Only About Women DVD
Time To Live DVD
Tito Visits Moscow (Josip Tito) DVD
Our Friend Angela DVD
Soviet People Are With Vietnam & Soviet People Support Vietnam DVD
Night Over China DVD
Soviet Union Is Our Home/Rude Awakening DVD

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