Inside Russia DVD

Inside Russia DVD

Inside Russia DVD
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Product Description

A complete survey of Russia prior to World War II, this extremely rare film was completed only weeks before the German invasion of Russia. Reproduced from one of the few surviving original prints. Film quality very good, with the exception of variable film scratches throughout the entire length.

The following locations and activities are shown: strange mountain tribes and customs of the Urals; ancient and modern customs in Tiflis; the oil fields of Baku; American machinery in Russian coal mines; the site of the Garden of Eden on the Black Sea; unveiling of Oriental women in Southern Russia; the Crimea and coast resorts of the Black Sea; the Yalta palaces of the Czar and of Grand Duke Dimitri; Karlov, Metropolis of the Ukraine; the Dnieper River Dam and Power Project; the city and peoples of Moscow; Russian sculpture, art theaters and native dances; the Kremlin, the Tomb of Lenin and Red Square; mass training of children at the home of Maxim Gorky; the home ot Tolstoi; Gorky, the Detroit of Russia, with its iron and steel industries, the Tartar Republic; the Volga River; Stalingrad; the German Soviet Republic (400,000 German Russians); collective farming on the steppes (largest farm: 500,000 acres); diverse nationalities in Southern Russia (Georgians, Persians, Armenians, Turks).

USSR/USA, 1941, B&W, 75 minutes, English narration.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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