Lithuanian World Song Festival 1998 (Dance Day) DVD

Lithuanian World Song Festival 1998 (Dance Day) DVD

Lithuanian World Song Festival 1998 (Dance Day) DVD
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On July 5,1998, an audience of 16,000 watched more than 10,000 dancers, both young and old, in the Zalgiris stadium - the largest in Lithuania. The colourful dance patterns united in performance not only various age groups, but also Lithuanians from many far-flung Lithuanian communities of the world. From the very first Folk Dance Festival in Kaunas in 1937, Dance Day has been an integral part of the Lithuanian Song Festival. Every Dance Festival is a theatrical event with its own separate theme that is realised through the efforts of the country's best choreographers, composers and designers. Bread is this festival's theme. Traditionally accorded immense respect in Lithuania, bread has figured prominently in the outlook, beliefs, customs and ceremonies of her people who believed it was holy and possessed magical powers and human characteristics. Artistic Director, Laimute Kisieliene, has created a dance legend based on the story of rye from seed to loaf, aiming to keep it at all times true to the creative spirit of the great dance master, Juozas Lingys.

Lithuania, 1998, Color, 114 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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