Magic Horse DVD

Magic Horse DVD

Magic Horse DVD
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The first full-length Russian color cartoon feature, THE MAGIC HORSE, is based on one of the favorite "skazki" or Russian folk tales handed down by word of mouth fron generation to generation to enchant children and adults. Stunning color, glittering costumes, fabulous castles, enchanting forests and lovely music provide the merry decor for this simple but winning tale of a little boy and his tiny humpbacked horse and its magical powers. The charming verse and the brilliant animated cartoons sustain this tale on a gay and joyous level. More than two years were spent in the preparation of this film, which required more than 150,000 drawings and color sketches for its magnificent "sets," and warmly human characters. The artists studied ancient Russian miniatures, icons and 16th century ornaments for authentic background material. Directed by Ivan Ivanov Vano. Produced by the Soyuzmultfilm Studios, Moscow. Scenario by E. Pomeschikov and P. Pazhkov based on the story "The Little Humpbacked Horse." Photography by N. Voinov. Music by V. Oransky. Chief artist: L. Milchik. Other artists: B. Rodzhevo, H. Troyanova and D. Belyanov. Decor artists: O. Gemerding and G. Nevzorova. Montage direction by H. Aravina. USSR, 1947, Color, 56 minutes, sound dubbed into English.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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