Lenin In October (Mikhail Romm)  DVD

Lenin In October (Mikhail Romm) DVD

Lenin In October (Mikhail Romm) DVD
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Joseph Stalin had ordered Soviet director Mikhail Romm to produce a feature-length film commemorating Leninís role in the October Revolution. Originally intended as a singular epic treatment of the Soviet Unionís first leader, "Lenin in October" was such an artistic and commercial success that Romm began working on a sequel (Lenin in 1918), soon after its release. Stalin had also insisted on an exaggerated portrayal of himself in the film and by proxy, in the Revolution itself. It is noteworthy that Romm personally excised all images of Stalin from this film as well as its sequel, after the de-Stalinization policies of 1956. Lenin returns to Petrograd from exile in Switzerland and proposes to seize power from the proletarian government of Alexander Kerensky. Directed by Mikhail Romm, starring Boris Shchukin as Lenin.

USSR, 1937, B&W 101 Minutes, Russian dialogue with English voice-over translation.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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