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Paracelsus, (G.W. Pabst, Werner Krauss) DVD Educational Edition -

Paracelsus, (G.W. Pabst, Werner Krauss) DVD Educational Edition

EDUCATIONAL EDITION with Public Performance Rights (PPR) and/or Digital Site License (DSL).

See bottom half of this page for detailed explanation of license options for Institutional purchases.

Paracelsus, (G.W. Pabst, Werner Krauss) DVD (DVD with PPR)

Paracelsus, (G.W. Pabst, Werner Krauss) DVD (DVD with DSL)

Paracelsus, (G.W. Pabst, Werner Krauss) DVD (DVD with PPR & DSL)

Public Performance Rights allow Educational and non-profit organizations to exhibit our DVD films to audiences of 50 or fewer individuals where admission is not charged.
Academic Libraries may also lend DVD films to library users.
The duration of a Public Performance license is 10 years.
Films purchased without Public Performance Rights (PPR) are restricted for individual viewing or face-to-face teaching in a classroom only.
Contact our Order Department 773-927-9091 if you intend to charge an admission, expect an audience of over 50, or want to advertise a screening.

A Digital Site License (DSL) allows academic libraries to encode, host and locally stream the licensed Content over a secure single server with password protected connection to their users throughout a closed system for a term of 5 years.
Streaming access must be strictly limited to users affiliated with the school or organization. Streaming rights extensions can be negotiated with IHF after the initial 5-year term has lapsed.
Note: DSLs do not provide true broadcast rights. The rights are retained by International Historic Films, Inc. Universities and libraries are responsible for uploading the film, from DVD file (provided by licensor) to a locally hosted server themselves.

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