Time To Live DVD

Time To Live DVD

Time To Live DVD
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This colorful documentary of the Ninth Annual Communist Youth Festival, held in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1968, is an anti-American film. Attacking the Vietnam War and stressing solidarity, world peace and, of all things, freedom, this film is an excellent example of how the Soviets manipulate the minds of youth. Opening with a rousing parade, with groups from Europe, China, Japan, Vietnam, Africa and South America, the film features spirited songs, ethnic dances, native costumes, and a New Orleans-style carnival, including a jazz band. A popular song of the time, Hands Off Vietnam, is sung by the famous singer Gilda Maziukaite. Also present are sad-faced deserters from the US armed forces, who mumble statements on how awful America is. Beautifully filmed in color by real technicians, the film reflects intense excitement, often on the edge of hysteria.

USSR, 1968, Color, 55 minutes, English narration.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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