United Newsreels Volume 13 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 13 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 13 DVD
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Product Description

This is the 13th volume of the United Newsreel series featuring 45 separate reportages as originally viewed in movie houses throughout neutral, recently-liberated, and not-so-neutral countries between December 1944 through January 1945.

Reportages include:
1. The Year 1944
2. Yanks Help Repair French Railroads
3. Monty Takes Over as Battle Rages
4. Red Army Drives on
5. Winter Grips Western Front
6. Allies Honor British Hero
7. Russians Liberate Warsaw
8. Bombers Pound German Targets
9. Battle Mud in Burma
10. Soldiers Improvise
11. French Workers Rebuild Factory
12. Allies Squeeze Shrinking Bulge
13. Russians Storm Across Oder
14. World Union Leaders Meet
15. Target Berlin
16. Bomb Japanese Bases in Burma
17. Cotton Picking by Machine
18. Nobel Prize Awards Made in New York
19. Enemy-Held Manila Hit by Carrier Planes
20. Allied Armies Move Ahead on Western Front
21. B-29’s Over Tokyo
22. Sixth Army Advances on Leyte
23. Plane in Full Flight Rescues lost Airmen
24. Metz, Strasbourg, Belfort, Fall to the Allies
25. 1944-45
26. First Pictures Alaska-Russia Sky Route
27. Capture German Radio Outposts in Greenland
28. France Signs United Nations Pact
29. Victory on Leyte
30. US Planes Bomb Borneo
31. 79th US Congress Convenes
32. US Navy Tests Torpedoes
33. United Nations Information Service
34. Clothes for Europe from US Religious Groups
35. Aircraft Rockets
36. Silicone--New Bouncing Plastic
37. Navy Fliers Blast Gate to Manila
38. New Transport Plane for Army
39. US Veterans Return on Furlough
40. Women in the War
41. Philippines—the Road to Luzon
42. Air War on German Supply
43. Wartime Fashions
44. Refugee Children
45. Western Advance House by House

DVD Contains Interactive Search Menu.

USA, 45 reportages, one DVD, Running time 114 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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