United Newsreels Volume 14 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 14 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 14 DVD
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Product Description

This is the 14th volume of the United Newsreel series featuring 48 separate reportages as originally viewed in movie houses throughout neutral, recently-liberated, and not-so-neutral countries between January-February 1945.

Reportages include:
1. Dresden Blasted
2. Floods on the Seine
3. DeGaulle Decorates Americans
4. Athens Acclaims Churchill
5. Allies Drive into Rhineland
6. Civil Affairs in Germany
7. Britainís Jet Plane
8. Allies Share Rations
9. Target Germany
10. President Roosevelt Inaugurated
11. Sea Rescue by Helicopter
12. Japanese Airbase Hit by Allies in Philippines
13. Men and Ships Battle Weather
14. Allied Burma Drive Continues
15. Air Assault Tactics
16. Navy Rockets in Firepower Tests
17. General Stilwell Takes Over New Command
18. B-29 Bombers in Quantity Project
19. Carrier Planes Come Home from Battle
20. The Advance to Manila
21. Supplies Roll to China Over Stilwell Road
22. Chinese Officers and Airmen Trained in U.S.
23. Wounded Airmen at Work in Air Production
24. Dogs of War Train for Return Home
25. Allies Launch West Front Offensive
26. US Navy Carrier Planes Sweep China Sea
27. Crimea Conference
28. Pres. Roosevelt Meets Middle East Leaders
29. First Pictures-Liberation of Manila
30. US Sends Raw Materials to France
31. New Fighter Plane Flies "Tail First"
32. 3,700 Civilians Freed from Manila Prison
33. Inter-American Conference Opens in Mexico
34. Through the Siegfried Line to the Rhine
35. Pres. Roosevelt Reports on Crimea Meeting
36. Invasion of Iwo Jima
37. US Troops Return to Corregidor
38. Wounded West Front Veterans come Home
39. Turkey, Egypt Join the United Nations
40. Greatest One-Day Bomb Assault on Germany
41. Marines Raise Flag Over Iwo Jima
42. American Nations Sign Pact of Chapultepec
43. Navy Planes Smash the Tokyo Area
44. Allies Overrun German Positions in Big Push
45. Manila Entirely Free in Savage Last-Ditch Battle
46. 75,000 Tons of US Clothing for Liberated Peoples
47. San Francisco Plans for United Nations Parley
48. Allied Armies Push on After Rhine Crossing

DVD Contains Interactive Search Menu.

USA, 48 reportages, one DVD, Running time 118 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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