United Newsreels Volume 15 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 15 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 15 DVD
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Product Description

This is the 15th volume of the United Newsreel series featuring 37 separate reportages as originally viewed in movie houses throughout neutral, recently-liberated, and not-so-neutral countries between March through April 1945

Reportages include:
1. Assault on Okinawa
2. U.S. Navy Fire Bomb-- Weapon Against Japan
3. U.S. Ships for France-Largest Carrier Launched
4. Allied Armies on March into Central Germany
5. Leaders Visit Western Front
6. U.S. Ships Dock at Le Havre
7. Americans Honored in Holland
8. American Airmen Help Boy Pianist
9. Cologne Taken
10. Sherman Tanks Mount Rockets
11. Benes Leaves for Homeland
12. Allies Drive on-Rhine Crossed
13. Bastonge Defenders Honored
14. 22,000 lb ‘Super’ Blockbuster
15. U.S. Troops Entertain Evacuees
16. Bridgehead Extended
17. Rhine Barrier Smashed
18. Queen Returns to Netherlands
19. Last Rights for Lloyd George
20. Giant French Plane Tested
21. Mopping up in Germany
22. Allies Overrun Germany
23. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
24. Funeral of President Roosevelt
25. World Leaders Honor Roosevelt
26. World Mourns Roosevelt
27. Harry S Truman - New President of The U.S.
28. U.S. Continues Liberation of Philippines
29. San Francisco Delegates Meet President Truman
30. Chinese Workers Move Supplies to the Front
31. Chaos Grips Crumbling Germany
32. United Nations Open Conference at San Francisco
33. Italian Patriots Execute Mussolini
34. German Atrocities
35. Ruhr Industry Devastated
36. Allies Engulf Germany
37. Germany's Atrocities Revealed

DVD Contains Interactive Search Menu.

USA, 37 reportages, one DVD, Running time 117 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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