Out Of The Sun (Ace Fighter Pilots) DVD

Out Of The Sun (Ace Fighter Pilots) DVD

Out Of The Sun (Ace Fighter Pilots) DVD
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Product Description

This highly-unusual promotional film for the F-16 made by General Dynamics consists mainly of interviews with 20th Century fighter-pilot aces as they recall the performance of their planes and of enemy aircraft. Aces interviewed include W.C. Bill Lambert from World War 1 (footage of Manfred Baron von Richthofen is also shown in this segment); Adolf Galland from the Spanish Civil War and World War 2; Douglas Bader, Robert Stanford-Tuck, Sven Heglund, David Lee Tex Hill, and Erich Hartmann from World War 2; Francis Gabreski from World War 2 and the Korean War; Ralph Parr from the Korean War; and Steve Ritchie from the Vietnam War. Planes discussed by the aces and shown in action include the SE5, FW-190, Spitfire, ME-109, ME-110, Hurricane, P-40, Zero, P-47, P-51, ME-262, F-86, MIG-15, and F-16. At the end of the film, the F-16 is said to display the characteristics the aces say they want in a fighter plane.

USA, 1983, B&W/color, 32 minutes..

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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