This is Marina City DVD (Restored Construction Film)

This is Marina City DVD (Restored Construction Film)

This is Marina City DVD (Restored Construction Film)
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Product Description

The restored 1965 Technicolor construction film produced by Portland Cement Association describes how Marina City was planned, constructed, and utilized. Features fascinating footage of revolutionary construction techniques.

Marina City was the first urban post-war high-rise residential complex in the United States and is widely credited with beginning the residential renaissance of American inner cities. Built in a time when suburbs where spread rampantly across the United States, Marina City sought to reverse the trend and create a building complex that would reverse the pattern of white flight from the downtown area.

When finished, the two towers were both the tallest residential buildings and the tallest reinforced concrete structures in the world. Marina City is notable in that it is the first building in the United States to be constructed with tower cranes.

Designed in 1959 by architect Bertrand Goldberg and completed in 1964 at a cost of $36 million and financed to a large extent janitor and elevator operators unions. The complex was built as a city within a city, featuring numerous on-site facilities including a theatre, gym, swimming pool, ice rink, bowling alley, several stores and restaurants, and, a marina on the Chicago River.

Narrated by Walt Newton. Written, directed, and photographed by Arthur P. Mandler. Transferred from an original 16mm IB Technicolor print.

USA, 1965, Color 19 Minutes.

(See also Loop North News Article Reviewing this film.)

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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