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Chicago: Miracle City of the Midwest DVD -

Chicago: Miracle City of the Midwest DVD

A majestic tribute to Chicago of the 60's. Over towering glamour shots of the city, long before towers Trump and Willis, Chicago is described as a "city of the future", crafted by city luminaries with famous last names: Burnham, McCormick, Palmer, Medill and Ward. The film explores the bustling downtown, the quaint neighborhoods, and the elimination of urban blight through "visionary" community planning that leads to inter-racial housing. It provides glimpses of famous tourist attractions -- the Art Institute, the zoos, the beaches and boating on Lake Michigan, and promotes the city's popularity as a convention destination. As the announcer calls the city, "a neverending celebration of life". Produced by the Equitable insurance company of America.

USA, 1964, Color, 25 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Chicago: Miracle City of the Midwest DVD

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