Westward Ho! (Two Union Pacific Railroad Films) DVD

Westward Ho! (Two Union Pacific Railroad Films) DVD

Westward Ho! (Two Union Pacific Railroad Films) DVD
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Union Pacific uses it's "highways of steel" to take you into the Pacific Northwest and a look at vegetable production,featuring beautiful, mile long UP trains powered by diesel electric locamotives hauling freight across the high desert. Both films in stunning Kodachrome Color.

NORTHWEST EMPIRE: Train buffs will love this travelogue into the stunning vistas, industries and modern cities of Washington and Oregon -- Portland and Seattle. A staccato-voiced announcer guides you into the "City of Roses", Portland, complete with its Parade of Roses. Eventually, it's on to the bustling, growing city of Seattle and a look into how it serves as a hub of fishing and sea commerce. There's a big emphasis on the power generated by the Cooley dam and the timber industry, before it's on to the culture of Native Americans. A look at the myriad of wildlife, the majestic Cascade Mountains and towering national forests takes you -- as with Lewis and Clark -- to the final grandeur of Pacific Ocean waves crashing into the shoreline. USA, 1952, Color, 40 minutes.

FRESH FROM THE WEST: A look at how "ultra-modern" cities rely more heavily on fresh food produce from the West and how magnificent trains got it there, long before government policies crushed the train industry in favor of the trucking industry. From planting, to growing, to harvesting and packaging, a look at how many types of vegetables find their way from the fields, to the grocery store, to your dinner table. USA, 1957, Color, 15 minutes.

Both films on one DVD. Total running time 55 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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