Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 2 DVD

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 2 DVD

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 2 DVD
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Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

U.N. FORCES ESCAPE THE CHINESE TRAP (Nov.-Dec., 1950): This film includes the Army's 7th Division at the Manchurian border. Men of the 7th enjoy a hot Thanksgiving Day dinner on the banks of the Yalu River. The evacuation of the Hungnam beachhead. Captain Zimmerman interviews Sergeant Charles W. Dumas of Providence, Rhode Island. Sergeant Dumas was a combat correspondent with the 7th Division and was with the 7th Division at the Yalu River. Dumas wears the Korean Service medal, the Army Commendation Ribbon, and the Bronze Star.

U.N. CONSOLIDATES BELOW 38TH PARALLEL (Dec. 1950): UN forces retreat below the 38th parallel, destruction of forts, airstrikes against the enemy and strengthening of the battle lines.

U.N. FORCES PUSH THE CHINESE BACK (Jan-Feb 1951); Includes: Recapture of Suwon. The 25th Infantry Division's advance of Seoul. Attack on Hill 584. Captain Zimmerman interviews Lieutenant William Travis from New Jersey. Lieutenant Travis was with the Army's 1st Cavalry Division and for a time served with the Air Force as a Liaison Officer, spotting targets for the Air Force.

UNITED NATIONS OFFENSIVE CONTINUES (Feb.-March, 1951): In spite of spring and rain our ground forces continue to push back the Chinese all along the Eighth Army's front. The 25th Infantry Division crosses the Han River and U.N. forces reach the 38th Parallel.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT 116 minutes)

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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