Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 5 DVD

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 5 DVD

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 5 DVD
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Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

A DAY IN KOREA: Comparison of the life of the individual in the states to the soldier on the front lines of Korea. Despite the truce talks fighting is still going on and we still have a serious need for men and machines. The contrast between their life and the life of the soldier should bring the picture closer.

THE ARMY COMBAT TEAM: THE BIG PICTURE shows you what happens in one day of war. Excerpting a communique from the daily newspaper we show the fighting that lies behind the brief report of such a communique. THE ARMY COMBAT TEAM, which has proved itself in the Korean fighting, is shown in action. Infantry, Artillery Armor and Army Aviation form a powerful offensive and defensive team of the 8th Army in Korea. Again, it's the fire-power of this team against the manpower of the Communists. THE BIG PICTURE focuses on the man and the machines of this team in the rugged terrain of the Korean peninsula.

CIVIL ASSISTANCE, KOREA: We approach this from the beginning in Korea when we had to control the civilian population; rehabilitation for tactical reasons. This is a very human, moving story and again points out our respect and concern for the individual.

THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA SOLDIER: Through the Korean Military Advisory Group, the South Korean Army has been able to build itself up to the fourth strongest Army in the world. "The Big Picture" shows the activities of the South Korean Army and its preparations for the future.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT 115 minutes)

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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