Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 6 DVD

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 6 DVD

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 6 DVD
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Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

FIRE POWER - ARTILLARY: In this issue BIG PICTURE viewers will receive a firsthand account of how American artillery is employed in Korea. The film shows how American artillerymen fire ten shells for every one the Communists launch at our troops. Included in the film is a study of the Army's new atomic cannon....the 280mm gun.

THE ARMY MEDICAL CORPS: Graphically shown here is the treatment given our wounded in battle. We see the care a man receives from medics all along the line; from the time the wounded soldier calls "Medic" until he is released for duty. The Medical Corps is saving more lives than in any other time of combat. Lieutenant Colonel S. J. Newsom of San Diego, California, a former Division Surgeon with the Army's 7th Division in Korea, now stationed at Camp Pickett, Virginia, tells the story in an interview with Captain Zimmerman.

THE SECOND INFANTRY DIVISION IN KOREA: Here is an exciting film documentary of the famous "Indianheads," the men of the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division and the vital role they played in Korea. Although the fighting in Korea is over, the deeds of the 2nd Infantry Division will long be remembered. Out of the struggle in Korea have come many accounts of great suffering and even greater heroism, but few of them can match the story as told in this BIG PICTURE program. Through careful editing and with emphasis on "close-ups" of the men themselves, this outstanding documentary seems to tell the personal story of the soldiers of the Indianhead Division who lived up to their proud motto -- "Second to None."

7TH INFANTRY IN KOREA: At the end of World War 2 the 7th accepted Japanese surrender in Korea. In 1950 they return to the new war.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT 115 minutes)

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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