Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 7 DVD

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 7 DVD

Big Picture Series: Korean War Volume 7 DVD
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Includes Four Big Picture Series Episodes on the Korean War:

TRUTH IS OUR DEFENSE: This is the story of the Army's Psychological Warfare activities in the Far East Command, primarily as a tactical weapon in Korea. We augment the effectiveness of our combat forces with the potent weapon of words. Through leaflets, shot by artillery shells or dropped from planes; through radio news and dramatic programs from the U.N. radio in Tokyo and the mobile radio stations in Korea; and through loudspeakers mounted on tanks and jeeps, we send our messages of truth to the enemy.

THE ARMY CHAPLAINS: We review the heroic and inspiring work of the Army Chaplain, especially the Chaplains who have served so gallantly with our fighting troops. The soldier looks to this clergyman in uniform as a friend and counselor, as well as a spiritual leader. To augment the story in film, Chaplain Edward Martin, Yonkers, New York, First Army Chaplain at Governor's Island, New York, tells of his and the Army's pride in the Chaplains work in Korea and throughout the world wherever our soldiers are stationed. He explains the Character Guidance program in which the Army places such great importance. Chaplain Martin has a special message for parents of men and women in the Army.

ARMY TRANSPORT CORPS: The story behind moving men and supplies in Korea.

ATROCITIES IN KOREA: A documented report of Communist atrocities in Korea, with scenes just released depicting the horror and brutality of Communism. Includes interviews with returned prisoners of war who were eye witnesses to some of these atrocities and Major General William Dean and General Mark W. Clark.

(4 Episodes on 1 DVD, RT 117 minutes)

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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