Standschutze Bruggler DVD Review by Blaine Taylor

Standschutze Bruggler DVD Review by Blaine Taylor

Promoted as, "The finest World War I mountain film of the Nazi Era," this stunning battle DVD from International Historic Films is certainly that!

The film was produced by the noted Ufa film studio under the aegis of Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr. Josef Goebbels, and was filmed on location in the Italian Dolomite Mountains and in the beautiful Austrian Tyrol. It thus reflects the Nazi virtues of bravery in battle, the necessity of war, and the glory of sacrifice for one's wartime comrades.

It is remarkable in the tolerant view that it takes of the Austrians' foes, the famed Italian Alpini of the Great War. This may very well be due to the fact that German Fuhrer/Leader Adolf Hitler was then seeking a strategic political and military alliance with a former mountain soldier of the Italian Army: Benito Mussolini.

The main drama depicted in the film is that of the fierce fighting in the mountains so spectacularly shown here, with the Austrians and Italians battting for command of the same high vistas.

The film's hero---Militiaman Bruggler---epitomizes the spirit of these hardy, courageous soldiers on both sides, and it is his bravery that helps save the men of his unit, but that's all I'll say here! To see how it turns out, you'll have to see the film.

Bonus features are slideshows on the historical background and original, period promotional materials that include interactive facsimile English translations.

Standschutze Bruggler/Militiaman Bruggler
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