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United Newsreels DVD Review by Blaine Taylor -

UNITED NEWSREELS VOLUME 1: 79 WW2 Era Newsreels May 5-Aug. 25, 1942

DVD Review by Blaine Taylor

This package depicts the Allied side of the Second World War as you've never seen it before, just as American audiences saw it in their neighborhood movie theaters in the early part of the war when the Axis Pact powers were winning it. Putting a positive spin on an admittedly bad situation, the newsreels depict the massive Allied industrial build-up to turn around the war situation. Of especial interest is the amount of coverage afforded to the American Hemisphere of the war, particularly Latin America, which did not fall victim to the Nazis and fascists, as well it might very well have. Attention is paid also to all aspects of the American and Allied war effort---land, sea, and air----as well as the home fronts, which also contributed mightily to the eventual overwhelming Allied victories on all fronts across the globe. From women at war to Churchill reviewing GIs, from Brazil at war with the Nazis to drafted dogs, from FDR giving the Norwegians a new destroyer, and from Army scout cars to GIs enjoying a rodeo, it's all here.

For anyone inundated with Axis videos of the war, this is the series for you! You won't see these on The History Channel, and after you see them, you'll wonder why!

Here are mighty US warships being launched, popular movie stars entertaining American sailors, the latest war films from Australia, US bombers blasting Japanese bases, building roads in frozen Alaska, and captured Nazi spies being tried.


United Newsreels DVD Review by Blaine Taylor

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