United Newsreels Volume 1 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 1 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 1 DVD
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100 WW2 Era Newsreels
May 5, 1942 to August 25, 1942

A compilation of 100 Newsreels from the year 1942 which were originally viewed in movie houses throughout neutral, recently-liberated, and not-so-neutral countries during World War 2. Beginning with the building of new military bases in the South Pacific in May 1942, and covering events both nationally and internationally through the late summer, this series contains 79 individual reportages that provide a unique glimpse into what life was like in early WW2 America.

Reportages include:

1. US Rushes New Bases in Pacific
2. New Roles for Women in War
3. Sport Fans Hail Big Athletic Meet
4. Soldiers Get Mail Via Movie Film
5. US Victory at Midway Filmed Under Fire
6. US Reveals Armed Might for Churchill
7. Youngest Refugees Find Haven in US
8. Home Town Hails Navy Family of 8
9. Gunners Train to Man US Bombers
10. America Welcomes Royalty in Exile
11. Tanks by the Thousands Roll Off the Line
12. US Bombers Blast Jap Bases
13. America Salutes Women Workers in War Effort
14. Huge Freighters Rush Iron Ore to Steel Mill
15. Tennis Champions in Title Match
16. US Navy Pilots Test Mightiest Flying Boat
17. New Sub-Chasers War on U-Boats
18. Martyred Czech Village Lives Again in US
19. Latest War Films from Australia
20. Canada’s Logging Industry Rushes Timber for War
21. Wild West Rodeo Thrills Soldiers
22. China Plans Army of 26,000,000 in 6th Year of War
23. Army Scout Cars Ready for Action
24. Tokyo Raiders Win Medals for Valor
25. War in the Pacific
26. Pan-American Solidarity
27. Ice Carnival in New York
28. Training an Army
29. US Troops in India
30. Build Model Town for Interned Japs
31. Developments in Aviation
32. Quebec’s Biggest Farm Family goes All-Out for War
33. Navy Speeds Launchings
34. War News from the Americas
35. US Launches New Aircraft Carrier
36. Henry Ford’s 79th Birthday Party
37. Old Autos Bring Thrills of Past
38. Pilgrims to Holy Shrine Find Peace
39. Army’s Newest Tanks in Action
40. Military Court Metes Justice to Nazi Spies
41. Air Maneuvers In The Stratosphere
42. US and Canada Push Strategic Alaska Highway
43. Speedboats Race for Gold Trophy
44. Mightiest Troop Carrier Tested
45. Free Dutch Still Fight
46. Spectacular Army Show Thrills US
47. Army Gunners in Mass Promotion
48. US Planes Speed Anzac Daredevils
49. US Marines Battle Japs in Pacific
50. News from the United States
51. Arkansas
52. Maine
53. New Jersey
54. America’s First All-Filipino Army
55. Flying Tigers Join US Air Force in China
56. Brazil at War with the Nazis
57. Stage Stars keep Soldiers Smiling
58. More US Troops arrive in India
59. Army Planes Take off from Carrier
60. Everybody Joins US War Effort
61. Plants Speed Anti-Aircraft Guns
62. RAF Blasts Nazis Day and Night
63. World Students Convene in US
64. World’s Mightiest Warship Launched
65. US Army Drafts Dogs for War
66. Navy Gets More Torpedo Boats
67. Dominican President Inaugurated
68. The Battle for the Solomon’s
69. US Troops on Alaskan Front
70. Thousands Pray for Armed Forces
71. Paratroops over Panama
72. Carnival on Ice Thrills New York
73. Sailing With the Convoys
74. Brazil United for Victory
75. Roosevelt Awards Warship to Norway
76. US Army Tests Newest Tanks
77. Mexico Hails Day of Liberty
78. US Plants Speed War Production
79. Brazil Bolsters Foreign Relations
80. West Point Sends Her Men to War
81. US Chinese Air Force Blasts Japs
82. Navy Volunteers Flock to Colors
83. Mexico Joins United Nations in War on Axis
84. USSR Gets British Tanks Via Convoy
85. Flying Generals on Anzac Patrol
86. President Leads US in Salute to War Heroes
87. New York Hails War Heroes of United Nations
88. US Motorcycle Dispatch Riders Pass Road Test
89. US Army Plants Speed Production
90. Shipbuilding Program Hits All-Time High
91. Turf Champions Race for Army-Navy Relief Fund
92. Inter-American Military Experts See US Air Power
93. War News from Australia
94. Soviet Commissar Molotov’s Secret Visit to US
95. World’s Mightiest Waterfall Begins Working for US
96. King George Sees Roosevelt on Aid to Fighting Greeks
97. Child Nurseries Release Women for War Work
98. Canada-US Ferry Command Delivers Bombers Overseas
99. US Wins Battle of Metals for War Production
100. America Stages Greatest Military Parade in History

DVD Contains Interactive Search Menu.

USA, 100 reportages, one DVD, Running time 156 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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