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Marquette Park DVD -

Marquette Park DVD

Two films by Tom Palazollo offer a shocking, in-depth look at a unique manifestation of racism in America caused by the American Nazi Party and their leader Frank Collin, as they skillfully exploit public fear. Nazi rallies, police clashes with unruly racist mobs and other manifestations of Chicago whites' much publicized "white backlash" are presented exactly as they were filmed by independent Chicago filmmakers Tom Palazollo and Mark Rance (without commentary). Due to obscene language and violence, it is not recommended for viewing by young or impressionable audiences.

USA, 1975-1978, Color, 62 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Libraries and Institutions Please Note: Educational Editions with PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS and DIGITAL SITE LICENSES are available.

Marquette Park DVD

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