United Newsreels Volume 2 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 2 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 2 DVD
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Product Description

77 WW2 Era Newsreels
August to November, 1942

This second installment of the United Newsreel series shows war-time America in its' infant stages. A collection of 77 separate and sequential reportages filmed over a three month period in August to early November 1942, this compilation covers the crucial turning point of World War 2, when fortune finally turned against Germany, Japan, and Italy. Beginning with local military defense maneuvers in the West Indies and fierce combat at Guadalcanal and culminating with the US landings in North Africa (Operation Torch), part two of this series will once again give its viewers a taste of how events were reported in America during WW2.

Reportages include:
1: US Forces Guard West Indies Oil
2: New Chute Speeds Hospital Rescues
3: Tank Destroyers Pass Army Test
4: World’s Champion Cotton Picker
5: US Launches New Carrier Lexington
6: War In the South Pacific
7: US Bombers Raid Nazi-Held France
8: One-Man Factory Wins US Award
9: Action In the Aleutians
10: Roosevelt Tours US War Plants
11: Roosevelt’s War Tour Of the Nation
12: Polish-Americans Honor Pulaski
13: US Troops Guard New Caledonia
14: Home Town Hails Air Force Hero
15: Anti-Aircraft Marksmanship
16: Brazil Graduates New Air Officers
17: American Convoys Girdle Globe
18: US Pacific War Heroes Decorated
19: Canadian Timber For War Planes
20: Mickey Mouse Goes To War
21: Pacific Coast Defense On Alert
22: Induction Day For Army Dogs
23: US War Supplies Reinforce Chinese
24: Allied Airman Win New Wings
25: Ready Made Homes For War Workers
26: British Sailors Aid US Harvest
27: Sands Produce Oil In Canada
28: Nation Hails US Navy Day
29: Test World’s Largest Autobus
30: America’s Battle In the Solomons
31: Chunking Bombed Again—Fights On
32: Honor Heroes Home From War
33: World’s Largest Tanker Launched
34: Turkish Newsmen Honor America’s Unknown Soldier
35: Chinatown Hails Captured Jap Sub
36: Clark Gable Wins Army Promotion
37: Brazilian Convoy Filmed At Sea
38: Quintuplets Aid War Loan Drive
39: MacArthur Tours Fighting Front
40: Huge Anti-Axis Rally Stirs Chile
41: United Nations Smash Japanese In South Pacific
42: US Troops Land In North Africa—-First Pictures
43: Rommel’s Defeat In Africa
44: US Troops Enter French African Port Of Oran
45: United Nations On the March; New Guinea
46: North Africa
47: MacArthur Blasts Japanese From New Guinea
48: Roosevelt Greets Cuban President
49: US Training Huge Merchant Marine
50: Americans In the News
51: Big Guns Guard US Coastline
52: British Rout Nazis In Libya
53: America Reports On Aid To Allies
54: Newest War Planes Break All Records
55: US Hero Ship Welcomed Home
56: Alaskan Railroad Re-opened By Army
57: US High Command Holds War Parley
58: US Shipyards Hit All Time Record
59: Work and Play On a US Carrier
60: Latest Films With American Troops In North Africa
61: New US Fighter Planes In Action
62: Benghazi Falls As Rommel Flees Advancing British
63: US Plane Carrier Wins Thrilling Sea-Air Battle
64: US Fliers Bomb Two Jap Bases
65: Danish Windjammer Joins Coast Guard
66: Sailor Repays Blood Bank
67: Canadian Women Lead World In Making Munitions
68: Brazilian Navy Guards South Atlantic Coast
69: Nazi War Factory Wrecked By RAF
70: Jap Ships Smashed At Guadalcanal
71: American Indians Aid War Effort
72: Giant US Plane In Maiden Flight
73: New Steel Mill For Victory Ships
74: US Army Trains Dispatch Riders
75: War News From North Africa
76: US and China Sign New Treaty
77: Roosevelt Reports To New Congress

USA, 1942, B&W, 124 minutes, English Narration.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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