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United Newsreels 5 DVD Set (Volumes 1-5) - click to enlarge

United Newsreels 5 DVD Set (Volumes 1-5)

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380 Reportages, Over 11 hours!

79 WW2 Era Newsreels
May 5, 1942 to August 25, 1942

A compilation of 79 Newsreels from the year 1942 which were originally viewed in movie houses throughout neutral, recently-liberated, and not-so-neutral countries during World War 2. Beginning with the building of new military bases in the South Pacific in May 1942, and covering events both nationally and internationally through the late summer, this series contains 79 individual reportages that provide a unique glimpse into what life was like in early WW2 America. (Click here to view complete contents list »)

77 WW2 Era Newsreels
August to November, 1942

This second installment of the United Newsreel series shows war-time America in its' infant stages. A collection of 77 separate and sequential reportages filmed over a three month period in August to early November 1942, this compilation covers the crucial turning point of World war 2, when fortune finally turned against Germany, Japan, and Italy. Beginning with local military defense maneuvers in the West Indies and fierce combat at Guadalcanal and culminating with the US landings in North Africa (Operation Torch), part two of this series will once again give its viewers a taste of how events were reported in America during WWII. (Click here to view complete contents list »)

76 WW2 Era Newsreels
October 1942 to March 1943

The Third installment of the United Newsreel Series features 76 separate reportages filmed between October 1942 to March 1943, beginning with action in the Pacific through the Nazi defeat in Stalingrad. (Click here to view complete contents list »)

68 WW2 Era Newsreels
March to May 1943

The Fourth installment of the United Newsreel Series featuring 68 separate reportages covering the crucial three months (March-May) of 1943, when the initiative had finally gone to the allies' side. (Click here to view complete contents list »)

59 WW2 Era Newsreels
July to Sept 1943

This is the fifth volume of the United Newsreels series featuring 59 separate, weekly theater-viewed reports. Beginning with the July 1943 invasion of Sicily and subsequent surrender of Italy, it proceeds through the bombing campaign over Germany and the early advancement up the Italian peninsula. The Home Front happenings include exciting sporting events and patriotic marches. This compilation covers a three month period (July - Sept 1943) when the Allies began to strengthen their newly acquired advantage. (Click here to view complete contents list »)

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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United Newsreels 5 DVD Set (Volumes 1-5)

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