United Newsreels Volume 3 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 3 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 3 DVD
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Product Description

The Third installment of the United Newsreel Series features 76 separate reportages filmed between October 1942 to March 1943, beginning with action in the Pacific through the Nazi defeat in Stalingrad. 76 reportages, on one DVD, Running time 117 minutes.

Reportages include:

1: War News from the South Pacific
2: Army Takes Over US University
3: Navy Fliers Test Free Balloons
4: Clark Gable Wins Air Gunner Wings
5: US Paratroops in North Africa
6: West Point Sends 409 New Officers into US Army
7: Mrs. Roosevelt Launches Navy's Newest Carrier
8: Invasion Tactics Toughens Troops
9: British 8th Army Takes Tripoli as Nazis Flee Libya
10: Canada Hails 3rd Year of Empire Air Training
11: Chinese Envoy Inspects Canada's War Industries
12: Third Baby Girl Born to Princess Julianna
13: Roosevelt and Churchill Meet in North Africa
14: Japs Routed from Buna Stronghold
15: Chile Joins United Nations
16: Canada Fishermen Make Record Haul
17: Champions Race in Athletic Meet
18: Biggest Warship Joins US Fleet
19: Timor Islands "Lost Battalion"
20: Motor Torpedo Boats Maneuver Off Panama Canal
21: French Fliers in Africa Get New US Warplanes
22: University Boys in Rowing Classic on Pacific Coast
23: US Navy Heroes Win Awards for Raids on Japan
24: Prince Olav Opens Home in US for Norway's Seaman
25: French Warships Refitted in US to Fight Axis
26: Polish Refugees in Iran Carry-On Fight for Freedom
27: French Sailors Win Ovation in First US Parade
28: China's First Lady Addresses US Congress
29: US-British Drive to Join Forces in North Africa
30: New US Desert-Training Division Ready for Action
31: British US Air Mission Inspects Far East Bases
32: Australia Cheers Reinforcements from America
33: US Army Fliers Rescued in the South Pacific
34: New 530 Mile Pipe Line Rushes Oil to Eastern US
35: New Gliders for Troop Transport Pass Army Test
36: America Hails China's Madame Chiang Kai-Shek
37: Allied Airmen Strafe Fleeing Nazis in Africa
38: Two New Cruisers Join US Navy
39: Canada Rushes Huge Power Plant for War Work
40: US Red Cross Ships Boxes to War Prisoners
41: Hollywood Stars Win Awards for Year's Best Films
42: Burned Forests Yield 13 Billion Feet of Timber
43: RAAF Crews Learn to Fight Like Commandos
44: Italian Children in Ethiopia Sent Home by British
45: First Lady of China Visits US Alma Mater
46: Allied Offensive Smashes Japs on New Guinea Front
47: US Army Prepares for Invasion of Europe
48: Anthony Eden in US for Talks on Post-War Plans
49: New Life Raft for US Seamen
50: Heavy Snows Hit Eastern Canada
51: US Army Drafts Missouri Mules
52: New Ships Pour from US Yards
53: Mounted Coast Guard on Patrol
54: Tanks On-Guard in Australia
55: A New Volcano Erupts In Mexico
56: Latest Films of Allied Drive in North Africa
57: Chinese Air Cadets Win Wings in US
58: US Marines Back after Smash Raid on Jap Island
59: US Speeds Weapons to Smash Axis
60: Allies Win Sea, Air Battles in Fight for Africa
61: Portable X-Ray on Duty at Front
62: President's Pet Dog Takes White House Spotlight
63: Gala Pageant Opens Red Cross
64: Official Films of Nazi Defeat at Stalingrad
65: Nazi War Plants Blasted by RAF
66: Yards Speed New Warships for US Navy
67: Engineers Test Tanks on World's Worst Roads
68: Hollywood Gives China's First Lady Huge Ovation
69: Army Sailors in Speed Boats Rescue Airmen
70: Paratroop Mascots Make First Jump
71: Canada's Last Troop Convoy of Winter Sails
72: US Vice President Cheered on Tour of South Atlantic
73: US On-Guard in the Aleutians
74: Navy Arsenals Speed Weapons for US Fleet
75: Engineers Open New Supply Line Through Canada
76: Allied Airmen Wipe-Out Jap Invasion Force

DVD Contains Interactive Search Menu

USA, 1942-43, 117 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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