United Newsreels Volume 4 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 4 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 4 DVD
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Product Description

The Fourth installment of the United Newsreel Series featuring 68 separate reportages covering the crucial three months (March-May) of 1943, when the initiative had finally gone to the allies' side. 68 reportages, on one DVD, Running time 123 minutes.

Reportages include:

1: Roosevelt Inspects US Army Camps
2: Carrier Speeds Army Planes to Fighting Fronts
3: The Battle of Tunisia
4: Chief Executives of US Hailed in Latin America
5: Armies of the World Enlist to Fight Axis
6: Carrier Revealed as Base for Air Raid on Tokyo
7: Latest News Films from the Tunisian Battle Front
8: Army Engineers Speed New Inter-American Route
9: Army Tests Washington Defenses
10: Ranchers Round-Up Herds to Supply Meat for Allies
11: Patrol Boat Sinks Nazi U-Boat in North Atlantic
12: Allied Bombers Blast Germany in Daylight Raid
13: British Pursue Rommel in Libya
14: New Route Links US and Alaska
15: Allies Drive on in New Guinea
16: US Carrier Beats Off Air Attack
17: Biggest Warships Launched by US
18: Australian Heroes Home on Leave
19: US Bombs Japs from New Base in the Aleutians
20: Five Dionne Girls Sponsor New War Cargo Vessels
21: Allies Take Tunis and Bizerte as Axis Defenses Collapse
22: United Nations Leaders Confer with Roosevelt
23: Canada Loggers Cut Spruce for Bombing Planes
24: US Celebrates 25th Anniversary of First Airmail
25: New Foundries Rush Steel for Weapons for War
26: Allies Lash Out at Axis Positions on Many Fronts
27: New Reservists Swell Ranks of American Navy
28: Australian Swimmers Hold in Surf
29: First Films: Bizerte Falls, Axis Crushed by Allied Power
30: Allied War Council Plans for Invasion
31: US Forces Blast Japs from Attu
32: Nazi Submarine Sunk by Convoy in War at Sea
33: United Nations Enter Tunis in Triumph
34: 514 West Point Cadets Graduate into US Army
35: Champion Swedish Athlete Seeks New Records in US
36: British Navy Traps Axis Forces Fleeing Africa
37: Allies Bomb Axis on All Fronts
38: Italian Islands First to Fall as Invasion Begins
39: News from North Africa
40: US Farmers Sow Biggest Potato Crop in History
41: Hindu Pilgrims Hold Ancient Religious Fete
42: Engineers Blast River for New Oil Pipeline
43: Greeks Get New Lend-Lease Ship from US Navy
44: New Synthetic Rubber Factory World's Largest
45: Women in US Navy March for China's First Lady
46: Argentine Army Revolt Removes Pro-Axis President
47: The Fall of Pantelleria
48: Heroes of 25 Raids Bring Bomber to US
49: Swedish Champion Tops US Stars in Track Meet
50: Army's Newest Weapon Travels on Land or Sea
51: More Nurses Answer Call to Colors
52: War on the Chinese Front
53: Never US Fighter Plane Passes Thrilling Test
54: Soviet Army Hurls Back Nazis on 2000 Mile Front
55: Canadian Troops Win Furloughs to Mine Coal
56: American Troops in India Get Supplies by Air
57: Australia Hails Veterans Home from Africa
58: America Aids Refugees of War in North Africa
59: Allies Bomb Japs in South Pacific
60: King George Reviews American Troops in Africa
61: People of Texas Hail Newest US Cruiser Houston
62: Canadian Sheep Ranches Hold Summer Round-Up
63: US Completes Occupation of Attu Island
64: US Opens a New Drive on Japs in South Pacific
65: Invasion Tactics: Paratroop Padre Flies with Troops
66: Queen Wilhelmina Attends Baptism of Baby Princess
67: Air Glider Spans Ocean with War Cargo for Britain
68: General Giraud in US to See President Roosevelt

DVD Contains Interactive Search Menu.

USA, March, April, May 1943, 123 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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