United Newsreels Volume 5 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 5 DVD

United Newsreels Volume 5 DVD
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Product Description

This is the fifth volume of the United Newsreels series featuring 59 separate, weekly theater-viewed reports. Beginning with the July 1943 invasion of Sicily and subsequent surrender of Italy, it proceeds through the bombing campaign over Germany and the early advancement up the Italian peninsula. The Home Front happenings include exciting sporting events and patriotic marches. This compilation covers a three month period (July –Sept 1943) when the Allies began to strengthen their newly acquired advantage.

59 reportages on one DVD. USA, 1943, B&W, 114 minutes, English Narration.

Reportages include:
1: The Invasion of Sicily
2: Latest Films from General MacArthur in New Guinea
3: Dogs Trained for Sentry Duty Help Guard Coastlines
4: News from the Orient
5: Australians Test American Jeeps on Rough Terrain
6: US Workers Rush Tanks and Ships to Fighting Fronts
7: US Planes Blast Nazi Submarines in Sea Battle
8: Latest War Films from US forces in South Pacific
9: US Citizens of Chinese Descent Build Liberty Ships
10: Gunder Hagg Sets New Record for Running Mile
11: The War in Sicily
12: Precision Bombers Blast Rail Yards of Fascist Rome
13: First US Army Women Arrive in England
14: Hollywood Movie Stars and Studio All Out for War
15: Canada Stocks Lakes with Fish Dropped from Air
16: Filipino Regiment Receives Bolo Knives for Combat
17: Newest Inland Aircraft Carrier Tested by Navy
18: Sicilians Hail American Army of Occupation
19: American Bombers Smash Axis Oil Fields in Rumaniav
20: Churchill in Canada for War Parley
21: Chiang Kai-Shek Receives Highest US Foreign Award
22: Biggest Family of Shipbuilders Help Win War
23: Sea Veterans Win Well Earned Rest in National Park
24: Latest Films from Sicily
25: Hamburg No. 1 Nazi War Center Blasted by Bombs
26: New Aircraft Carrier Joins US Fleet
27: Favorite Wins American Racing Classic
28: Roosevelt-Churchill in Quebec
29: Allied Offensive Smashes Japanese in South Pacific
30: Bombers Raid War Plants in Nazi Europe
31: Allied Generals Meet in Sicily as Axis Toll Mounts
32: Volunteers Help Harvest US Food Crops
33: China Honors US Gen Chennault for Aid to Nation
34: World’s Largest Bus Carries 250 Troops
35: The Capture of Jap-held Munda by US Forces
36: Allies Take Kiska—Japs Flee Last Base in Aleutians
37: China’s Manpower Carves Airdromes from Wilderness
38: New York Honors Visiting British Anti-Aircraft Unit
39: Mary Churchill Prime Minister’s Daughter in US
40: Railroads Play Dramatic Role in America at War
41: Gen MacArthur’s Forces Launch Drive on Japs
42: Italy Surrenders
43: Brazil Marks 121st Year of Independence
44: Women Aid War Effort in US and Canada
45: Cadets Race in Cross-Country Endurance Test
46: Cinema Stars Aid America’s War Bond Drive
47: Mrs Roosevelt Visits Bases in South Pacific
48: First Films: Invasion of Italy
49: Australians and Americans Drive Japs from Lae
50: Allies Hurl Back Nazis in Italy
51: Arabian Prince Reviews Cadets at US Naval School
52: Red Cross Girls Tour Egypt by Camel Back
53: Sicilians See Allied Military Govt at Work
54: DeGaulle and Giraud Inspect French Forces
55: Allied Armies on the Road to Rome
56: Latest Films of the War in Italy
57: Dramatic Rescue of Airmen from Burma Jungle
58: Polish Patriots Hail Pulaski
59: Personalities in the News

DVD Contains Interactive Search Menu.

USA, 1943, B&W, 114 minutes, English Narration.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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